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Speaker, Consultant, Workshops, and Comedian

 A Diverse Background. Your Perfect Mix!


She has an MA degree in Communications & Leadership, and has taught as a professor in communication for years. She has taught adults, children, and is a parent.  She has over 20 years experience as an improviser, comedian, and professional performer. She has experience as a commercial and sketch writer. This combination brings a well sculpted experience to your organization's event or development

Your event and organization will improve communication, leadership, creative collaboration, teamwork, and  confidence.

What this means for your Speaking, Consulting, Workshop, or Comedy Event?

  • Engaging professional performance quality

  • Researched educational information

  • Humor

  • Creativity

  • Well written/crafted presentations

  • Relative, relatable life experience

  • Ability to react and be in the moments spontaneously

  • Innovative, Collaborative and Solution oriented

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