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Meet Brooklin Green 

Keynote, Speaker, Professor, Comedian, Creative Consultant, & Commercial/Sketch Writer.

Unlocking Creativity, Connection, and Results Through Play, Humor, and Communication

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Conference Events:

  • Laugh Your Way to Leadership: Use humor and play to boost communication, engagement, and teamwork. (Interactive & Fun)(Travel & expenses not included) 

  • Brainstorm Like a Boss: Ignite your team's creativity with proven tactics and playful exercises. (Actionable & Collaborative)

  • Happy Employees, Healthy Business Cultivate a workplace culture that fosters happiness, retention, and productivity. Build stronger relationships and communication skills through play. (Engaging & Heartfelt)

  • [Custom Title]: Design a talk tailored to your specific goals, using communication, leadership, interactive games, research, and humor. (Price Varies)

Workshops & Facilitation:

  • Power of Play at Work: Discover the surprising benefits of play for personal and organizational growth. (Interactive & Fun)


  • The Listening Cure: Enhance communication and connection through playful listening exercises. (Engaging & Practical)

  • Improv for Leaders & Educators: Unleash your creativity and leadership potential with improvisation techniques. (Dynamic & Experiential)

  • Recess for Adults: Reconnect and recharge with team-building games and laughter. (Lighthearted & Bonding)

  • Brainstorming Bootcamp: Master the art of effective brainstorming with hands-on practice. (Actionable & Collaborative)

  • Communication Audits: Assess your organization's communication effectiveness and identify improvement areas. (Personalized & Impactful)


  • Communication & Leadership: Elevate your communication skills and empower others. (One-on-one & Transformative)

  • Punch-up Your Humor: Find your authentic voice and use humor effectively in the workplace. (Personalized & Fun)

  • Game & Interactive Facilitation: Learn to design and facilitate engaging activities for any audience. (Practical & Empowering)

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