Speaking Events


"Brooklin Green's presentation to our group yesterday, was thoroughly enjoyed by all of our Freedom Lawns franchise owners. Brooklin's enthusiasm and sparkling personality comes through in a contagious way, that teaches others to loosen up, and to be comfortable with yourself in your interaction with others. I would recommend Brooklin to other companies searching for a speaker to add some fun and laughter to their event." -Mark T.

  • Communication -Various communication points: Small group, Large organizations, Gender specific, Interpersonal, Public speaking, and Business professional speaking.

  • Leadership- Leading as a group. Servant or Transcendental Leadership & Conflict Resolution

  • Humor- Workplace, Personal and Organizational.

  • Motivational- Variety: Happiness, Empowerment, Purpose, 'Yes, and...'

  • Improvisation- Has played hundreds of games that can be used to get any audience to hit their goals. Using improvisation games (power of play) for communication, leadership and creativity. 

  • Creativity- Thinking outside the box, Brainstorming, & Group work.

  • Team building- Getting to know each other, , and learning how to work together.

  • Empowerment- Using the tools and talent within you, eliminate negative thought.

  • Working with kids- Creativity, Play, Improv, & Overcoming obstacles.

  • More- She currently speaks, conducts corporate training, and teaches workshops across the U.S. for a variety of fields and organizations. She tailors each event to fit each organization/corporation's needs.  Her attendees and students are constant success stories from their various developed professions.


Brooklin has an MA in Communication & Leadership through Gonzaga University. She currently teaches communications at the University of NC Wilmington, University of Mount Olive, & On military base through Coastal Carolina Community College.

 Various Conference Speaking Clips below