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Workshops tailored to your needs!

Skills for Adults, Teens & kids.

  • Improvisation

  • Communication

  • Leadership

  • Writing (Commercial, Comedy, & Sketch)

  • Team building

  • Creativity & Brainstorming

  • Listening

  • Performance, Comedy, Acting & Speaking.


To name a few....

Image by Perry Grone

Brooklin has taught workshops to: Schools, Corporations, Businesses, Performers, Continuing Education, Non-profits, and multiple Organizations, across the US. 

Feel free to inquire regarding other previous workshops and organizations

A few previous Organizations

International Thespian Festival EDTA

Georgia State Thespian Festival

Missouri State Thespian Festival

Texas State Thespian Festival

Teacher's workshop 3 districts South-side Chicago, IL


Communities in Schools Public Education

Sunrise Broadcast Corporation

Snapshot of Example Workshops:

Shut up and Improvise!

DESCRIPTION: When thinking and editing yourself paralyze you from performing and trusting your instincts, Improv teaches you to think quickly on your feet, cut out the clutter in your mind.  This is a fast-paced class geared toward getting you to stop thinking:

Trust your instincts, react, justify, and move on, be honest, and oh, yea….HAVE FUN!


Improv in the classroom

DESCRIPTION: This workshop is for teachers/instructors to learn how to use improvisation more effectively in the classroom. Improv is a great teaching tool to promote concentration, focus, unity, trial/error, expand creativity, and eliminate performance/participation anxiety. Participants will be asked to play.

Silence is Golden.

DESCRIPTION: Actions speak louder than words! Get comfortable with silence.  This workshop will focus on awareness and communicating through your actions.  Heighten your listening skills. Show don’t tell.

Additional Workshops

Commercial Writing for Print, Radio, and TV

Sketch Comedy Writing

Team building- How to get the most out of your organization.

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