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Help me, I’m alone at home with my computer.

Ok, so in the process of trying to create another blog post, like the rest of us, I have been distracted by the Corona virus and our ‘New Normal’. I’d like to think I’m a ‘glass half-full’ kinda gal. I realize I have so many creative, fun, former students and conference attendees who could add so much more to this. Since most of us are spending a lot more time at home, let’s try to see the bright side (or at least the humor). What are some positives aspects you’ve found from being stuck at home?

I’ll start with a few:

Quality time with kids.

Repeating myself.

Quality time with my meds.

Laundry cut in ½ (not having to wash pants for online meetings).

Getting off that low carb diet.

Updating dating family and friends on changes due to Coronavirus.

Repeating myself.

More time to block people on Facebook.

Catching up with old friends.

Walking my parents through Zoom.

Repeating myself.

Getting students acclimated to online learning.

Repeating myself.

Fine tuning my procrastination skills.

I hate to repeat myself but your turn to add a few.

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