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What projects are you doing while stuck at home?

Teachers, what about summer break?

It is vital you give yourself some grace and have some down time to recoup from our immediate and drastic change as teachers. After that, now what? Yes, you can do household projects or binge Netflix or wait for the sequel to ‘Tiger King’, but what about taking care of you? As a teacher, I miss the opportunity to BE the student. I push myself to take other classes, or professional opportunities to continue learning. So from a workshop presenter/teacher to a student, it is nice to be on the other side without all the responsibility!

Plus it helps to keep me in our students' shoes. I recently started a ‘Writing for Late Night Comedy TV show class’ out of Burbank, CA. It has been a blast so far. I am on the East Coast so attending Zoom for 3 hours until close to midnight is a little late, but how many of us know what time of day it is anyway? There are so many benefits to continuing your education through classes, coaching, and the pursuit of new adventures. I’d want to know how you are taking care of your own educational well-being? I’m taking comedy writing as a creative connection for me. I’m also writing blogs What are the things you do as teachers? What are you going to do?

I want your brainstorming ideas so we can all benefit. I’ll start below, you add!

Pod Cast

Virtual workshops

Improv play on Zoom or online.

Go to and post a comment to this blog, please.

Brooklin green

Speaker, Coach,Consultant, Comedian, Workshop presenter.

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