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Humor & Play

Emcee/Host Interactive
Improv Facilitator
Podcast Host & Guest

Speaking & Performance Coach
Stand-up Coach
Commercial, Speech & Punch-up Writer

Emcee/Host & Facilitator Live or Virtual

No matter what your occasion- corporate, convention, social, charity, or even private events, weddings (yep, done improv with wedding guest). 

Your event stays on target, keeps moving, engages your audience and most of all entertains!

Brooklin has been hosting a variety of shows and events for years.  Her background in improvisation, directing, producing, comedy and teaching make her the best choice. 

You will be in good hands.

Coaching & Writing

  • Communication Speaker & Leadership Coaching- Elevate your communication skills and empower others. (One-on-one & Transformative)

  • Punch-up Your Performance & Humor - Find your authentic voice, performance skills, and use humor effectively (Personalized & Fun)

  • Game & Interactive Facilitation: Learn to design and facilitate engaging activities for any environment & audience. (Practical & Empowering)- Office, Classroom, Virtual, Event...

  • Writers block? Craft memorable, engaging, and humorous content based on YOUR voice that gets results. Experienced commercial, speech & comedy writer (Second City, broadcast station, speech instructor & Stand-up comedian). 

Click here to view and listen to a few radio and written ads.

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